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Our Picks For No 6 This April

If you haven’t visited the No. 6 Cinema before then we highly recommend it, it is a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in the dockyard.

Here are a selection of movies we recommend you check out. Be sure to check their website for full list of all the movies this being shown

The Invisible Woman (12A)
Friday 4th at 19:00 & Sunday 27th at 16:30

The Invisible Woman tells of the rocky relationship between Charles Dickens (Fiennes), one of the greatest-ever English novelists, and Nelly Ternan, a woman all but erased from history.

The couple met when Ternan played a small role in one of his plays. Despite the age gap – he was several decades her senior – and even though he was already married, they started a relationship that would threaten to ruin them both. Directing himself in the lead role, Fiennes presents Dickens as a playful but sometimes pompous man, a hero to the nation but not always to those who know him best.

The resulting film is not a biopic of Charles Dickens, but rather a chronicle of love – a passionate relationship conducted in secret.

Love Is In The Air (15)
Thu 10th at 19:00

Nicolas Bedos plays charming playboy Antoine opposite Ludivine Sagnier as prickly artist Julie in this breezy French comedy.

Once lovers, the pair find themselves inadvertently sitting next to one another on a long-haul flight. Trapped mid-air, they argue and fight, revisiting their past together in flashback – their breathless courtship and the fights that broke them up – and rediscovering the chemistry that once made them click.

Funny and sexy, this ‘will-they-won’t-they’ tale is a quintessentially Gallic delight, and perfect viewing for sceptical romantics.

Only Lovers Left Alive (15)
Fri 11th at 19:00

Adam (Hiddleston) is a reclusive vampire who has come to the conclusion over the course of the centuries that, for humanity, “all the sand is at the bottom of the hourglass.”

His wife Eve (Swinton) lives in Tangier, swigging bags of hospital blood with 
the 16th-century playwright Christopher Marlowe (Hurt). Adam and Eve reunite in Detroit, but the arrival of her sister Ava (Wasikowska) threatens to shatter their secretive world. Hiddleston’s depressed vamp is in the classic mould, while Swinton’s joyful Eve is a pleasure to watch.

The Monuments Men (12A)
Sat 12th at 19:00

George Clooney’s latest directorial outing is underpinned by the true story of the mere handful of art experts who were charged with retrieving some of Europe’s cultural gems before the Nazis got their hands on them.

A frisky chemistry among the mismatched characters, played by Bill Murray, John Goodman, regular Clooney foil Matt Damon, and Cate Blanchett as an enigmatic French Resistance worker who knows where the treasures are buried.

As the awkwardly inducted recruits hurry to achieve their objective under the noses of the advancing enemy, The Monuments Men is agreeably tense, and Clooney demonstrates his consummate versatility, directing complex battle scenes as assuredly as he leads his wisecracking cast into action.

Dallas Buyers Club (15)
Sat 26th at 19:00

Set in the late ’80s and based on a true story, Dallas Buyers Club sees Matthew McConaughey play Ron Woodroof, a carefree party animal whose life is rocked to the core when he contracts HIV from a one-night stand.

As Ron faces up to his condition, he begins to explore the medical options available to him, finding out that not only is the US government actively preventing HIV patients from accessing certain treatments, but it is also colluding with the pharmaceutical industry to prescribe expensive and harmful ones.

There are shades of Erin Brockovich in this David and Goliath story, but it’s a measure of his brilliance that director Jean-Marc Vallée keeps us guessing how it will play out. And McConaughey will surely be clearing some shelf space this awards season for a performance that will move viewers to tears, without resorting to sentiment or ever asking them for pity.

No. 6 Cinema

Look About an Art Project by Jon Adams

Jon Adams is a very well established and highly regarded Portsmouth based artist, working in photography, video, sound recording and digital sound and visual manipulation, 3D installations, traditional sculpture and illustration. Recently students from the University of Portsmouth created ‘Look Around’ a short film focusing on a two year conceptual art project created by Jon Adams and inspired by the London Olympics. The project was commissioned by Accentuate, a transformational programme of 15 projects, inspired by the Paralympic Movement, which seeks to change perceptions and offer opportunities to showcase the talents of deaf and disabled people.

As an artist and trained geologist, Jon’s approach is to entwine his artwork with his love of geology. The project largely consists of stratigraphic diagrams, commonly used by geologists to describe the vertical location of rock layers in a particular area. Jon has used this detailed and accurate way of recording, to document creative responses to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, including projects by Blue Touch Paper, a carnival project run by West Sussex, and the StopGAP Dance Company, an integrated company for dancers with and without disabilities. Thousands of people were invited to take part in Look About, by logging any days connected to the Cultural Olympiad and collecting items or ‘fossils’ that relate to experiences around the Olympics.

As well as inviting others to create their own ‘visual diaries’ Jon has been mapping every minute of his own life since November 2010 to give the project context. He has produced hundreds of layered maps with each section referring to different times of the day. In fact, when the project is finally completed, Jon claims that he will have 800,000 minutes of his life documented, equivalent as he says to 800,000 meters of rock.

Watch the film below to find out all about this fascinating and still ongoing project.

Look About and Art Project by Jon Adams (1)

Look About and Art Project by Jon Adams (2)

The Thursday Þing – Heima A Film By Sigur Rós

The Thursday Þing (pronounced thing) is the weekly event at one of my favourite Southsea venues, 101 Reykjavík. Every week you can expect stripped down acoustic sets, chats with an author, a poet or some other free-thinking type or the finest in Scandinavian cinema.

This week the team are treating us to the documentary film Heima which follows Sigur Rós during their 2006 tour of Iceland. Combining both the biggest and smallest shows of their career, the entire tour was filmed, and now provides a unique insight into one of the world’s shyest and least understood bands captured live in their natural habitat.

Sigur Rós are a slightly marmite group, you either love them or hate them. Unlike marmite I love Sigur Rós! With the weather starting to take a turn for the worse I would encourage you to head down, get cozy and enjoy the documentary along with one of their famous hot dogs and Icelandic beers.

For more information on the event check out the Facebook Event Page HERE.

You can find 101 Reykjavík at the junction of Castle Road and Kent Road, Southsea. If you would like to find out more and see the menu then check out the website HERE, alternatively you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@101_Reykjavik).

Heima by Sigur Ros

Our Picks For No 6 This March

You may have watched the BAFTA’s recently and realised that like me you have missed some of last years big movies. Fear not because this March the No. 6 Cinema in the Historic Dockyard are giving you a second chance.

If you haven’t visited No. 6 before then we highly recommend it, it is a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in the dockyard.

Here are a selection of movies we recommend you check out. Be sure to check their website for full list of all the movies this being shown

No. 6 Cinema

August: Osage County (15)
Sat 15th at 19:00 and Sun 16th at 14:30

American Hustle (15)
Sat 22nd at 19:30 and Fri 28th at 19:00

12 Years A Slave (15)
Fri 21st at 19:30 and Sun 23rd at 14:30

Our Picks For No 6 This March

You may have watched the BAFTA’s recently and realised that like me you have missed some of last years big movies. Fear not because this March the No. 6 Cinema in the Historic Dockyard are giving you a second chance.

If you haven’t visited No. 6 before then we highly recommend it, it is a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in the dockyard.

Here are a selection of movies we recommend you check out. Be sure to check their website for full list of all the movies this being shown

August: Osage County (15)
Sat 15th at 19:00 and Sun 16th at 14:30

American Hustle (15)
Sat 22nd at 19:30 and Fri 28th at 19:00

12 Years A Slave (15)
Fri 21st at 19:30 and Sun 23rd at 14:30

No. 6 Cinema

Fratton Film Project Update

We have been following the Fratton Film Project for a while now, Director Jack Searle and the rest of team have been working hard on the project and have now released first the trailer. ‘Fratton’ as it’s titled is an independent film shot in entirely in Portsmouth.

The story follows James, a young, shy and reserved guy, until one night. Whilst walking home alone through the streets of Portsmouth he suffers a terrible misfortune. From that moment on, he is compelled explore the violent world and life of another man, Shaun. Although James seeks to understand Shaun and his associates, he becomes increasingly aware that he is risking far more than his own safety.

You will be able to find out when you can see the film for yourself by keeping an eye out here or by following the Fratton Film Project on Facebook and Twitter.

See how many familiar locations you can see in the trailer…

Fratton Trailer from IVN Productions on Vimeo.

You can find out more about the making of the film by checking out their video blogs on YouTube.

Neil Gaiman – American Gods & Anansi Boys

Author Neil Gaiman has confirmed that two of his novels, American Gods and Anansi Boys are to be adapted for television.

Many of you should be well aware of Neil, he is one of Portsmouth’s most loved exports. He wrote The Ocean At The End Of The Lane which was voted Book of the Year in last years British National Book Awards. Not to mention we even named a road after him on Southsea seafront (find out more HERE). Some of his most well known work includes the comic book series The Sandman as well as novels Coraline and Stardust which have already been made into successful Hollywood movies.

American Gods won a string of awards including the Hugo, the Nebula and Bram Stoker. It follows ex-con Shadow as he discovers incarnations of ancient gods from pantheons of the Norse, Greek, African and more locked in a power-struggle in the modern-day United States.

Meanwhile, Anansi Boys, featuring the sons of the African spider-god who featured in American Gods, will become a BBC mini-series produced by Red, which has been responsible for some of the biggest hits of recent years including Last Tango in Halifax, Scott and Bailey, and Queer as Folk.

I’m not quite sure when we can expect these projects to hit our screens although if you would like to stay up to date then you can follow Neil on Twitter @neilhimself.

Neil Gaiman American-Gods

Neil Gaiman

Our Picks For No 6 This February

No. 6 Cinema based at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard has started the new autumn season with an incredible lineup as well as being part of the Making Waves Film Festival too. Below are our picks for the next couple of weeks but be sure to check their website for the other films they will be screening plus info on ticket prices, etc. If you haven’t visited No. 6 before then we highly recommend it, a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in the dockyard.

Sat 1st – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (12A) at 19:00

The phenomenal success of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 2012 makes The Desolation of Smaug probably the most eagerly awaited film of the holiday season, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Martin Freeman is back as the nervy adventurer Bilbo Baggins. Thorin (Richard Armitage) and his cohorts having braved the treacherous journey back to Laketown, it’s up to Bilbo to honour his contract with the Dwarves and find the secret door in Lonely Mountain that will reveal the lair of Smaug the dragon, played by Freeman’s Sherlock co-star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sat 8th – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (PG) at 19:00

James Thurber’s short story about a meek, office-bound fantasist, which became a musical comedy vehicle for Danny Kaye in 1947, finally reaches a broader cinematic canvas, with director Ben Stiller also playing the eponymous Walter Mitty.

Scriptwriter Steve Conrad topically presents Mitty eking out an existence on Life magazine just as it is about become a casualty of the Internet age. He somehow overcomes his natural timidity to seek a cover image for the final edition from an ace globetrotting photographer (a marvellously judged Sean Penn). This requires endless derring-do – jumping into turbulent seas, scaling icy peaks, etc. etc. – which Stiller accomplishes with astute (and not overindulgent) use of CGI and a winning degree of self-parody. Subplots involving his bossy mother (Shirley MacLaine) and a crush on a sympathetic co-worker (Wiig) add to the fun.

Fri 14th – Breakfast at Tiffanys (PG) at 19:00

Struggling writer Paul Varjak moves into a New York apartment building and becomes intrigued by his pretty, quirky neighbour Holly Golightly. Holly s Manhattan callgirl lifestyle confuses and fascinates Paul; in public she flits through parties with a sexy, sophisticated air, but when they re alone she changes into a sweetly vulnerable bundle of neuroses.

Sat 22nd – Nebraska (15) at 19:00 (Six Oscar Nominations)

Scolded by his long-suffering wife (June Squibb) and son David (Forte), cantankerous old Woody Grant (Dern) is convinced he’s won a million dollars in a postal sweepstake and is determined to claim his prize, even if it means walking 850 miles to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect it.

Sun 23rd – Frozen (PG) at 14:30 (Two Oscar Nominations)

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, this delightful children’s animation goes one better by having not one but two beleaguered princesses. The sweet and intrepid Anna is desperately searching for her missing sister Elsa, whose icy powers have thrown the kingdom of Arendelle into eternal winter. But as Anna’s quest gradually reveals, Elsa is not really so villainous, and along the way Anna solicits the help of a comic snowman called Olaf, rugged mountain man Kristoff, and a reindeer called Sven.

No. 6 Cinema

Local Film Students Looking For A Contributor To A Documentary

A group of students currently on the Level 3 Film and TV Course at South Downs College are interested in finding someone who has a passion for old legacy media formats such as film (16mm, 8mm home projection) or betamax for example. They intend to base a short three minute documentary around them focusing on their interest.

If that sounds like you let them know by emailing Patrick Forster at

Chinon Dart S x5 *P Super8 Camera

The Guide Awards 2013

Last night saw the Kings Theatre host the Portsmouth News 2013 Guide Awards. The awards recognise the best local talent in music, film, theatre, art and food within the area. 2013 was a very good year for Portsmouth and Southsea with numerous events to keep locals and visitors entertained.

It’s great to see one of my favourite local artists Kassassin Street pick up the award for Best Band. They have had a big year which has included playing Blissfields, Southsea Fest, Victorious Festival and a BBC Introducing session. I have every confidence that they will continue to go from strength to strength in 2014.

Best Solo Artist Matt Jarvis is not only one of the best local singer songwriters, he is also one of the nicest fellas you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Matt has the rare ability capture an audiences attention and silence a room whenever he performs. Matt was also recognised and complimented in music blogs recognised nationally for for his performance at Blissfields last year.

I must admit to knowing very little about the theatrical shows within the area and maybe thats something for me to look into over 2014?

It is also great to see Pete Scathe recognised for being Best DJ. Pete is the man behind Connection at Scandals every Thursday night. I’ve had a few fun nights out there myself, although not for a few years. It still seems hugely popular among alternative music lovers.

Last of all I am chuffed to bits that the King Street Tavern is recognised as Best Restaurant. This is an quite a honour for Sam Foote and his staff as there are so many great places to eat in Portsmouth. If you’ve never been there before make sure you get down there soon!

Fingers crossed the 2014 Guide Awards recognises the Creating Balance Exhibition currently being held in Aspex and the work of Geoff Priestly at the Wedgewood Rooms. Maybe there should even be a few new categories added? I’d personally love to see a category of Best Photographer. If you have any other tips for 2014 then please get in touch with us at Strong Island.

Best DJ
Winner: Pete Scathe
Runner-up: Hipshaker

Best Comedy
Winner: Joe Wells
Runner-up: Instant SOOP

Best Band
Winner: Kassassin Street
Runner-up: Off Beat Offensive

Best Solo Artist
Winner: Matt Jarvis
Runner-up: Jerry Williams

Best Exhibition
Winner: Hayling Billy 50
Runner-up: Albert Road Trail

Best Restaurant/Pub/Wine bar
Winner: King Street Tavern
Runner-up: Roosters Piri Piri

Best Film
Winner: Perception
Runner-up: Send in the Clones

Best Professional Production
Winner: Joseph And The Technicolour Dreamcoat, Kings Theatre
Runner-up: Barnum, Chichester Festival Theatre

Best Amateur Drama Production
Winner: Anne Frank, One Off Productions, Kings Theatre
Runner-up: Hamlet, Southsea Shakespeare Actors, The Pyramids

Best Amateur Musical
Winner: Little Shop Of Horrors, Portsmouth Players
Runner-up: Whistle Down The Wind, CCADS

Best Amateur Actor
Winner: Lewis Bailey as Doctor Watson in Hound Of The Baskervilles, HumDrum
Runner-up: Lewis Robinson as Hamlet, Southsea Shakespeare Actors

Best Amateur Actress
Winner: Samantha Kelly, Evita, South Downe Musical Society
Runner-up: Georgia Hamorak as Anne Frank, One Off Productions

Best Classical Music Act
Winner: Solent Symphony Orchestra
Runner-up: David Price and Portsmouth Cathedral Choir

Special Achievement Award: Nick Courtney

Kassassin Street
King Street Tavern
King Street Tavern, Norfolk Street, Southsea


Competition – Win Two Tickets To See Kassassin Street + Curxes + Juice

Friday 3rd May the Wedgewood Rooms will be hosting a great night of music featuring Kassassin Street, Curxes and Juice. The guys at Kassassin Street have been generous enough to donate a pair of tickets for you, the Strong Island readers.

All you have to do to win these tickets are to email your answer to the question below to by midnight on Sunday 27th May. The winner will be announced here on Monday 28th May.

Q – The band are named after the road in Eastney, name one of the three roads which junction with it?

Find out more about the event on the Facebook HERE.

Kassassin Street + Curxes + Juice + Longlive DJs

Juice ‘Numbskull’ from Butchy Davy on Vimeo.

Strong Island Calendar Exhibition

Last November saw the launch of our 2014 Calendar at an Exhibition at the Wine Vaults. You can read an article from Becki Partridge about the event HERE.

We cannot take all of the credit for the exhibition, the content was all provided by you, the Strong Island readers. Not to forget the exhibition was made possible by the team at Southsea Gallery who printed and framed the photographs. If you see a photo that you like you can purchase it in Southsea Gallery located at 51 Albert Road.

The exhibition can be found in ‘snug’ on the far right hand side of the Wine Vaults.

If you would like to know how to get involved in next years calendar then click HERE to find out more information.

Phil Tickner Calendar Exhibition 1

Phil Tickner Calendar Exhibition

Photos are by the awesome Phil Tickner, be sure to give him a follow on Flickr and on Twitter @HoldYourColour.

Strong Island Calendar Exhibition

A Kind of Conjuration at the Cellars

You would think witch trails a thing of the distant past. However, during the second world war a woman was tried and convicted under the ancient Witchcraft Act.

A play about the trial was performed at The Cellars at Eastney last week. Local theatre companies New Apollo and Cop The Needle brought audiences A Kind of Conjuration. This hour-long theatre piece, directed by Steve Pitt, featured a group of five actors, and was based on the real-life trial of Scottish medium Helen Duncan in 1944, for events that took place in Portsmouth.

The intimacy of the venue worked well for the subject matter, and enabled the performers and audience to connect in a way that isn’t possible in larger venues. When the judge, played by Christopher Marlowe, addressed the jury during the court scene, he spoke to the audience as if they were the jury, making them feel involved in the action.

Angie Lily was fantastic in the court scene, nipping backstage to change elements of costume in-between each character, resulting in a highly entertaining whirlwind of at least five different characters (and accents) testifying in quick succession. Henry Oastler was on comedic top form for his appearance in the court scene, displaying subtle character traits such as a tuck of the chin, transforming him completely from his other role in the play as a newspaper journalist. James Kirby and Tim Lowe also gave entertaining performances.

Writers Stuart Olesker and John Stanton incorporated excerpts from the original court transcript, adding authenticity to this brilliant piece. A highly refreshing and thought provoking performance.

A Kind of Conjuration will next be performed at the Square Tower on 25th June as part of Portsmouth Festivities. (Doors open at 7pm, performance starts at 8pm). On this occasion the play will be preceded by a monologue from the late Harry Price, ghostbuster extraordinary. Tickets from 023 9282 6249 or 023 9273 6288 or online:


Ashley Harley in Portsmouth News:
“a little gem”
“hauntingly good”
“not to be missed”
“solid direction”

Heather James in Portsmouth News:
“I was riveted”
“very witty and entertaining”

David Richards of Remote Goat:
“a sellout”
“a joy to watch”
“superb performances”
“a very high degree of professionalism”
“a very effective mix of the serious and the comedic”
“another triumph and a thoroughly enjoyable evening”

The original flyer for the show at The Cellars

Strong Island Calendar 2015 #SIC2015

Our 2014 Calendar was a huge success, the quality of images and huge amount interest it received really took us by surprise. We managed to double the sales of the 2013 Calendar, meaning we raised just over £600 for the Feel Yourself Campaign and the Alzheimer’s Society. We received over a thousand submissions by email and by use of the Instagram hashtag #sic2014.

We are excited to announce that we are taking submissions for our 2015 calendar. If you’ve taken a photo that you’d like to submit then you can email your submission via If you’ve taken a photo on Instagram that you’d like to submit for consideration you just need add the hashtag #SIC2015. There are no limits to how many you submit, the only rule is that the image must be relevant to Portsmouth.

Along with Instagram this year we also recommend you check out the Faded App. I’ve had a play with this App and you can create images that surpass anything that Instagram can produce. I especially love the overlay function.

If you have been taking any photos during this extreme weather we would love for you to submit them!

You may be aware that unfortunately due to an error our end the original batch of calendars contained a couple of errors. To rectify this the problem with the calendar we re-printed all of the calendars and offered everyone who bought one a free replacement (with free P&P where required). We are confident that we have managed to replace the vast major because of the online ordering records, however if you bought one from Lou Lou’s, Southsea Gallery or the Victorian Market then we don’t have your details so we need you to contact us ASAP to arrange a replacement! Those unclaimed calendars by the end of the week are likely to be donated to the staff of the charities we are supporting

Strong Island Calendar 2015

Here are just a few of the submissions that we have already received that might give you some inspiration.

Charlie Thompson Fratton Park

Charlie Thompson 2
Both Charlie Thompson
Todd Lawton
Todd Lawton
Roberta Curxes
Roberta Fidora
Danny Miles
Danny Miles

Road To Blissfields 2014 by Sophie Perryer

It’s that time of year again, when Southsea’s finest traipse out on a Friday night to listen to some of our home-grown, burgeoning talent. This year was no exception, with the likes of Becky Jerams, Poppobowa, Sabre and the B of the Bang taking to the stage to fill our ears with a range of musical goodness.

The evening was held this year at the Cellars at Eastney, and certainly had a more relaxed atmosphere – Strong Island’s Stuart Barker was even spotted wandering around with a cup of tea at one point!

The relaxed atmosphere lent itself perfectly to Becky Jerams soulful, syrupy vocals, gliding effortlessly over lyrics and melodies alike. Becky has enjoyed considerable success over the last few years with her song writing: her track ‘La La Love’ was featured in a Mandy Moore movie, and she has written for the likes of Chesney Hawkes and Loz Bridge. These accomplishments certainly showed through in her music; her sound was very much grown up pop and polished, while still retaining a youthful, wishful quality in her lyrics. A great start to the evening.

Becky was followed by Popobawa, a Gosport based trio relatively new to the music scene – so much so that Road To Blissfields was their debut live show! To say the boys coped well would be an understatement; they delivered a strong set with some interesting melodic choices which made for a distinctive sound, and the combination of this with hazy vocals akin to Friendly Fires was very striking. The best part? You can download their EP for a ‘name your price’ on their SoundCloud page.

Also hailing from Gosport were SABRE – the fivesome delivered catchy synth beats and impressive vocals not dissimilar to the Maccabees or Bombay Bicycle Club, with a little Two Door Cinema Club thrown in for good measure. Their raucous sarcastic comedy appealed to the crowd, and the banter between the band members was enjoyable.

Last but certainly not least were the B Of The Bang. The contrast of the almost gravelly voice of the lead singer and the Roxanne on keyboard’s ethereal vocals lent an almost eerie sense. The band delivered well thought-out tracks which were both directional and abstract, and conveyed a sense of their musical versatility and talent. Without a doubt a well deserved victory.

Congratulations to the B Of The Bang“>B of the Bang on their slot at Blissfields, and thank you also to the other artists for once again showcasing to us the quality of our local talent! Thank you too to Bellyeyesmile, Joel Ransom, the Cellars at Eastney, Strong Island, and all those others who had a hand in organising a top evening.

By Sophie Perryer

*We will be giving away a pair of tickets to Blissfields over the next six weeks so be sure to keep an eye out.*

Becky Jerams
Becky Jerams

Becky Jerams




B Of The Bang


B Of The Bang

All photo’s by Daniel O’Neill

Victorious Festival 2014

In January the Victorious Festival team announced that the festival will be moving to Southsea Seafront. The team appear to have planned a bigger and better event building upon the success of previous years.

Last week saw the second wave of artists confirmed to perform live. The line up already consisted of awesome headliners Dizzie Rascal, Seasick Steve but they have now been joined by Razorlight, British Sea Power, Slow Club, Foy Vance, Mark Morriss of The Bluetones and The Bog Rolling Stones. There will be DJ sets from Alt J, Terry Hall of the Specials, 2manyDJs and COR. Not to forget some of the best local talent such as Matt Jarvis, Eloise Keating and our favourites the Southsea Alternative Choir are also performing.

Personally I’m really excited about the Sunday line up, I’ve been a huge fan of Seasick Steve for years and I even went to Bestival dressed as him for the Under the Sea fancy dress theme. Sunday also see’s British Sea Power performing, they have been regular visitors to the Wedgewood Rooms during their tours in the past, most recently in April 2013. They are easily one of the best live acts you could ever have the pleasure of seeing. The Saturday headliner Dizzie Rascal isn’t too shabby. I caught him at Bestival in 2010 and I can promise you, he knows how to put on a show and get you dancing!

There will be more artists announced closer to the time. You can find out first by following Victorious on Facebook and Twitter @VictoriousFest, or by signing up to the mailing list HERE.

The event is more than just a music festival, there will be lots going on in the Kids Arena as well a Real Ale Festival featuring many local breweries. For the weekend local seafront attractions will be FREE, these include Southsea Castle, Blue Reef Aquarium, D-Day Museum and Southsea Skate Park. If you would like to be involved in the boutique market then drop the team an email on

The festival will be held on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August. There are limited early bird tickets available but hurry as they are only available at the reduced price for the next ten days! Adult Day tickets are currently available for £15 per day and will be £20 after. You can pick one up via the website HERE, or directly at Little Johnny Russells or either of the Belle Isle restaurants. Kids tickets will cost £6 but those under the age of five can enter the festival for free.

Over the next five months we will try and keep you up to date on announcements and preview the performers and attractions that you can look forward to.

Victorious Festival 2014