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Strong Island Sounds Podcast with Longlive Radio Episode 33

Charlie is back with the 33rd episode of Longlive Radio for the Strong Island Sounds podcast:

This week I was a bit ill, you can tell. The show must go on though, and to be fair, it’s not like I ever sound professional normally…There’re some Autumn songs, as we find ourselves heading into that time of year, and also a close look at one of my favourite bands, The Lemonheads.

As well as 2 (!) themes for you this time out, there’s also tunes from Tim Buckley, The Aloof, Koushik and eighties psychedelic outfit, The Rain Parade. Sam also gives us his selection with a sideways look at the Autumn theme.

Enjoy, and next time I’ll try not to be delirious with a fever.

Charlie x

01) Autumn Leaves – Chet Baker
02) The Outdoor Type – The Lemonheads
03) Bother – Les Sins
04) Autumn Almanac – The Kinks
05) Dolphins – Tim Buckley
06) Stove – The Lemonheads
07) Different Drum – The Lemonheads
08) One Night Stand – The Aloof
09) I Look Around – The Rain Parade
10) Rudderless – The Lemonheads
11) Big Gay Heart – The Lemonheads
12) Is That All That There Is – Peggy Lee
13) Autumn’s Child – Devendra Banhart
14) Battle Rhymes For Battle Times – Koushik
15) If I Could Talk I’d Tell – The Lemonheads
16) Autumn Stone – Small Faces

Strong Island Sounds Podcast with Longlive Radio Episode 33

Strong Island Calendar 2016 | Deadline Approaching!

If you’ve taken a photo that you’d like to submit for our 2016 calendar then time is running out for you to email your submission via If you’ve taken a photo using Instagram that you’d like to submit for consideration you just need add the hashtag #SIC2016.

There are no limits to how many you submit, the only rule is that the image must be relevant to Portsmouth. We are going to be working towards a deadline of Friday 23rd October!

We would love to see more submissions from all over Portsmouth not just our favourite Southsea landmarks so please share this with friends who you think might be interested in getting involved.

Strong Island Calendar Poster 2016

One Day Art Exhibition by Melanie Brundrit Today in the Sir Loin of Beef

Local artist/painter Melanie Brundrit is having a one day pop-up exhibition in The Sir Loin of Beef pub on Highland Road today from 12 noon through to 9pm. Melanie works in different styles and all the work is original and for sale.

You can see an example of Melanie Brundrit’s work below and see more of her work on her website:

Melanie Brundrit

Play Dead Opening Night

Tomorrow night you are invited to celebrate the grand opening of Play Dead located at 131 Highland Road in Southsea. Play Dead is Southsea’s newest Tattoo Studio and Street Art Gallery by Street Artist Lex Luthor and Tattooist Samo White.

The event begins at 7pm and I’d recommend getting yourself down there early so you can sample the Play Dead beer!

For more information check out the Facebook Page here.

Play Dead

Strong Island’s 7th Birthday and Charity Raffle

From all of the Strong Island crew we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported our 7th Birthday and Charity Raffle last week. The night was a real success and together we have raised over £1,500 for local charities including the Portsmouth Autism Support Network, Feel Yourself Campaign, Portsmouth RNLI and Southsea Skatepark Trust.

The Meat and Barrel was the perfect venue and allowed for us to welcome a large crowd who were all vying for an awesome bunch of prizes.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year and we promise to have a PA system in place and only one book of blue raffle tickets!

Charity Raffle 2015 e

Charity Raffle 2015 h

Charity Raffle 2015 g

Charity Raffle 2015 d

Charity Raffle 2015 c

Charity Raffle 2015 b

Charity Raffle 2015 a

Charity Raffle 2015

Portsmouth Filmmakers Create Film for RNLI

A group of local filmmakers recently worked with the RNLI on producing a short film to help them promote their Fish Supper campaign. We caught up with Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Composer Aram Atkinson to find out more about the project and how they all got involved:

“Working with the RNLI (a charity that saves lives at sea) is an absolute privilege and it’s humbling to witness, first-hand, the commitment of our volunteer crews. So when the open brief for Fish Supper – “The Call of Home” came through, a campaign to highlight the sacrifice both crew and their families make, it was a chance to give something back.

The video was heavily influenced by Portsmouth talent: Riyadh Haque (director of photography); Sarah Mercer (storyboard artist); Chris Batholomew (sound designer); and myself as writer/director all hail from the local area. I was also lucky enough to have others involved too and a hugely talented cast. A special mention must be reserved for both Lizard and Salcombe lifeboat stations who accommodated our every request.

The 3-day shoot was chaotic, fast-paced, complex, but above all, incredibly enjoyable and immensely rewarding. I can honestly say it was the best shoot I have been on and I believe everyone felt the same. It was a personal achievement to have my first 1 million hit film across social media, but more than anything, I am overjoyed I managed to involve so many deserving people from my upbringing around Portsmouth, and I am sure it won’t be too long before I call upon home again.”

The film was shot on the Sony a7S with Metabones EF Adapter with Nikon, Canon and Samyang Lenses. 4K and 1080p from the Atomos Shogun with a small section shot on the GoPro and Panasonic GH4 (drone shots). Some shots stabilised on the MoVI M5. Edited and coloured in Adobe Premiere CC 2015.

You can watch the film below but I recommend you watch it fullscreen as it is beautifully shot.

Go to for more details on how you can get involved by hosting your own fish supper from the 9th to the 11th of October!


Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Composer: Aram Atkinson
Director of Photography/Colourist: Riyadh Haque
Assistant Director: Leonie Marzecki
Sound: Nathan Williams
Camera Assistant/Production Runner: Ben Thomas
Sound Design: Lawrence Kendrick | Jungle Studios
Composer: Aram Atkinson
Score Mastering: Chris Bartholomew
Storyboard Artist: Sarah Mercer


Dad: Tim McDonnell
Mum: Sienna Gray
Son: Patrick Hannawin
Daughter: Freya Hillyer
Voiceover Artist: Gavin Marshall

Portsmouth Filmmakers Create Film for RNLI

Created in Portsmouth Art Trail Returns for 3rd Year from 16th to 18th October

Created in Portsmouth returns again for its third year this month, with local artists, jewellers, makers, designers, painters, glassmakers and more open the doors to their studios and workplaces to the public. This event really brings the focus to the city from other county-wide events and for three days (16th to 18th October) means you can experience the creative and exhibition workspaces that are home to over 20 local creatives in 11 different locations. With all of these locations within fairly easy walk of each other you can really explore Created in Portsmouth as an arts trail, working from one location to the next, seeing and experiencing the work of the artists as you go.

The creatives involved are:

– Lesley George
– Shake Your Glass & Emma Nicol
– Kevin Dean
– The Southsea Workbench
– Colin Merrin, Trudy Barber & “Smock & Ballpoint”
– Copper Hare, Printsink & Southsea Jewellery
– Maggie Ambler
– Evagelia Hagikalfa, Tracy Hodder & Conor Devine
– Sue Meredith Illustration & Katherine Webber Jewellery
– Little Duck Forge & Donna Carter
– Dancingpot & Sheila Mackie

Check the Creating in Portsmouth website for full details of the event, the artists and the locations:

Creating in Portsmouth 2015

Creating in Portsmouth 2015 - Colin Merrin
Ghost Ring by Colin Merrin.

Creating in Portsmouth 2015 - Emma Nichol
Cushion by Emma Nichol.

Pie & Vinyl – Winter Menu

Pie & Vinyl are ready to launch their new winter menu this weekend which includes their new roast dinner pie named ‘Sunday Best’ after Rob Da Bank’s famous record label.

The meat used in the pie’s will vary from week to week but will be served up in a giant Yorkshire pudding, filled with creamy mash and minty mushy peas that you can then top it off with onion gravy. Veggie, vegan and gluten free options will be available too.

For more information on the menu options visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @PieandVinyl.

Pie & Vinyl

Pie & Vinyl 2

Pie & Vinyl Menu

Stu’s Picks For No 6 – October 2015

As ever the No. 6 Cinema has some awesome movies on offer this October. If you haven’t yet visited the No. 6 Cinema then I highly recommend it. You will find a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Be sure to check their website for information on how you can buy tickets and to find their full listings –

Love and Mercy (12A) | Saturday 3rd October | 7pm

Long stereotyped as purveyors of mindless pop, The Beach Boys are now hailed as one of the most artistically significant bands. Love & Mercy centres on the fall and rise of visionary songwriter Brian Wilson, juxtaposing his slide into mental illness during the 1960s with his recovery and redemption in the 1980s. Paul Dano plays the younger Brian, overwhelmed by elation and despair while creating the album Pet Sounds; John Cusack is the broken older Brian, rescued from a controlling ‘therapist’ by the love and determination of Melinda Ledbetter. The result is a film that’s heart-breaking and uplifting at once.

How To Change The World (15) | Thursday 8th October | 7pm

In 1971 a brave group of young activists set sail from Vancouver in an old fishing boat. Their mission: to stop Nixon’s atomic bomb tests in Amchitka, a tiny island off the west coast of Alaska. It was from these humble but courageous beginnings that the global organisation that we now know as Greenpeace was born. Chronicling the fascinating untold story, this film tells the story of eco-hero Robert Hunter and how he, alongside a group of like-minded and idealistic young friends, would be instrumental in altering the way we now look at the world and our place within it.

Dope (15) | Friday 16th October | 7pm

A coming of age comedy/drama for the post hip-hop generation. High-school senior Malcolm and his friends Jib and Diggy bond over ’90s hip-hop culture, their studies and playing music in their own punk band. A chance encounter with a drug dealer named Dom lands Malcolm and company at the dealer’s nightclub birthday party; when the scene turns violent, they flee, with the Ecstasy that Dom secretly hid in Malcolm’s backpack. A wild adventure ensues as the youths try to evade armed thugs who want the stash.

The Wild Bunch | Saturday 17th October | 7pm

Beginning and ending with two of the bloodiest battles in screen history, Sam Peckinpah’s classic revisionist Western ruthlessly takes apart the myths of the West After a failed payroll robbery, the outlaw Bunch, led by ageing Pike Bishop and including Dutch, Angel, and Lyle and Tector Gorch, head for Mexico pursued by the gang of Pike’s friend-turned-nemesis Deke Thornton. Ultimately caught between the corruption of railroad fat cat Harrigan and federal general Mapache, and without a frontier for escape, the Bunch opt for a final Pyrrhic victory, striding purposefully to confront Mapache and avenge their friend Angel.

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (12A) | Friday 23rd October | 7pm

Greg Gaines is an awkward seventeen-year-old who has managed to become part of every social group at his Pittsburgh high school without having any friends. Greg spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, but his life changes when his mother forces him to befriend his sort-of ex-girlfriend Rachel, who has just been diagnosed with leukaemia. Greg and Rachel form a friendship as Greg tries desperately not to get attached to ‘the dying girl’.

The Third Man (PG) | Friday 9th October | 7pm

This classic noir mystery, from the team of Carol Reed and Graham Greene, is generally considered to be the best work of both of these estimable talents. The Third Man features Joseph Cotten as Holly Martins, a pulp novelist who has come to post-World War II Vienna with the promise of work from his friend, Harry Lime. When he finds that Lime has just been killed in a questionable car accident, he decides to remain in the city to investigate his friend’s demise.

Legend (PG) | Friday 30th October | 7pm

Based on the book by John Pearson, Legend deals with the rise and fall of the notorious 1960’s gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray; the relationship that bound them together, and charts their gruesome career to their downfall and imprisonment for life in 1969. Tom Hardy, star of Locke and Mad Max: Fury Road, plays both Ronnie and Reggie in this film which pays loving attention to period 60’s detail in both sound and vision.

*Halloween Special*
The Wickerman (15) | Saturday 31st October | 7pm

Howie, a dour, upright police sergeant, receives an anonymous letter from the remote Western Isles community of Summerisle asking him to investigate the disappearance of a schoolgirl. Upon his arrival he discovers a secretive, tightly knit neo-pagan society and evidence of fertility cults and human sacrifice, presided over by Christopher Lee’s laird of Summerisle. Being a devout Christian, he is shocked by the islanders’ sexual openness and ritualistic devotion to the “old gods”. As the mystery of the missing girl unravels, he begins to suspect that she is a victim of human sacrifice.

No 6 Cinema
Photo by Paul Gonella

Bestival 2015 Review | Sunday

I woke up feeling pretty rock n roll with my 3:30am bedtime in the early hours of Sunday morning, although it appears that my friends put me to shame as they didn’t get back until about 5am!

While tucking into my breakfast in the press tent I was listening to Missy Elliott‘s team soundchecking, or what I thought was soundchecking. Closer inspection revealed that Missy was there herself and it was a rehearsal with DJ, backing vocals and dancers. As the Main Stage was closed to festival goers there was only a privileged few who were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of her show later on that evening and I was one of them. This was easily the coolest thing that has happened to me over the weekend.

Local boys Kassassin Street opened the Big Top and it was great to see them draw in a big crowd on such a large stage and it was also nice to see plenty of Portsmouth locals in the crowd. The boys didn’t disappoint and put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen them play. Rowan and the boys looked at home on the bigger stage and tracks such as ‘Centre Straight Atom’ went down a storm! Afterwards just outside of the Big Top were Portsmouth’s Samba Reggae drumming band Batala who were doing their thing and as ever wherever they went a large crowd quickly gathered.

For Portsmouth the biggest performance of the weekend was by Huw Olesker aka Rex Domino who was on the Main Stage as part of DJ Yoda’s Breakfast Of Champions. It was great to see my friend performing on the Main Stage and being involved in one of the best performances of the festival. As they took to the stage the grey clouds were hanging over Robin Hill Country Park but as the band performed the sunshine soon followed. The collective that is the Breakfast of Champions features eleven of Britain’s finest MCs and musicians. It was great to see all of them having such a great time on stage. They all performed with huge smiles on their faces and that transmitted to the crowd who were also loving it.

The afternoon continued with a customary hog roast but musically I was treated to the awesome Andreya Triana and Låpsley in the Big Top. Then we met the boys from Kassassin Street and prepared for the legends that are the mighty Jacksons.

After being greeted by a short intro on the big screens the foursome came out and went straight into some of their biggest hits, however just as the crowd were getting into the groove the band left the stage and the big screens showed a short documentary about their early years as a group. We were in a good spot you couldn’t hear a great deal of it as most of the crowd around me were having their own conversations. They’d already played my favourites ‘I Want You Back’ and ‘ABC’ so we decided to leave because I hate to say it, we were bored and they still had well over an hour left on stage.

I took a few friends over to check out another group of siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis in the Big Top. I’ve been listening to the awesome Kitty, Daisy and Lewis for years but to my shame for one reason or another I’ve not been able to catch them live and shame on me because they were brilliant! After the first track the trio all switched instruments and did the same yet again for the following track, they are one talented bunch! You can catch them in the Wedgewood Rooms in February and you can find more at here.

We then joined the massive crowd that was beginning to gather at the Main Stage for Missy Elliott. She was impressive earlier in the morning but the full show took it to another level. It reminded my of teenage years as I was really into the RnB back then. I think I even bought a few of Missy’s CD singles from Our Price in Fareham, that tells you how long ago that was. Missy played a selection of her biggest tracks which had the crowd cheering and paying no attention to the oncoming rain.

After the impressive fireworks I jumped in the car and caught a late ferry home. As much I would have loved to have caught Mark Ronson’s DJ set in the Port I didn’t fancy getting caught in the rain storm that was predicted until the early hours of the morning. I made the right decision as it felt great to have a shower, be in my own bed again and get a proper nights sleep.

Every year I worry Bestival will to get too big, or that I get the feeling that it isn’t what it used to be and perhaps I’ve outgrown it. Every year I’m delighted to be proved wrong! The festival itself was near perfect and the attention to detail by Rob Da Bank and his team is incredible. Before I bang on any longer though I just want to say thank you to everyone who made it an amazing weekend for me and a special thank you to Stevie and Molly from the Get Involved team for hosting us and we hope to see you next year. I’ve already booked the time off work.

2016 early bird tickets are now available with a 34 week payment plan of just £5 per week. You can get your early bird tickets here –

Caitlin Mogridge - The Feast Collective - 6b8c663a-58c3-11e5-adcd-92ce347ad47a - Web
The Feast Collective by Caitlin Mogridge
Kassassin Street
Kassassin Street by Stuart Barker
Batala by Stuart Barker
Rex Domino
DJ Yoda Presents Breakfast of Champions by Stuart Barker
Bollywood by Stuart Barker
Carolina Faruolo - Andreya Triana - 00e1b9da-5a3e-11e5-9d96-aee5d44592c4 - Web
Andreya Triana by Carolina Faruolo
Victor Frankowski - The Jacksons - 06504116-5a52-11e5-aac6-aee5d44592c4 - Web
The Jacksons by Victor Frankowski
Carolina Faruolo - Kitty Daisy and Lewis - 3ebb67ae-5a7c-11e5-9cb1-92ce347ad47a - Web
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis by Carolina Faruolo
Victor Frankowski - Missy Elliott - bd504d9a-5a55-11e5-9ccb-92ce347ad47a - Web
Missy Elliott by Victor Frankowski
Victor Frankowski - Missy Elliott - c5209e42-5a57-11e5-b16d-92ce347ad47a - Web
Missy Elliott by Victor Frankowski
Caitlin Mogridge - Bestival 2015 - 2dc99684-5a52-11e5-85c5-92ce347ad47a - Web
Lovebot by Caitlin Mogridge
Photo by Stuart Barker

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Last Day of the Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester

The Creating Balance Project exhibition’s current residency at the Pitfield Pop-Up in Winchester ends today with the exhibition receiving some really great comments and coverage on websites, etc. Below are some photos by our own Claire Sambrook from a recent visit when many of the project’s artist/designer/photographer participants went up for a look. See more of Claire’s Creating Balance Project photos over on here Flickr.

The Creating Balance Project exhibition will return home to Portsmouth on the 10th of January 2014 for an extended exhibition at Aspex Gallery in Gunwharf, with an opening party and a series of other events and activities to be announced very soon. Ourselves and Anglepoise® are all really looking forward to showing the project to everyone in Portsmouth very soon!

To find out more about the project and exhibition please visit:

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (1)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (2)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (3)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (4)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (5)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (6)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (7)

Creating Balance Project Exhibition at Pitfield in Winchester (8)

Vintage Portsmouth Photographs

Following up from our Vintage Portsmouth Postcards article on Monday, Strong Island reader Centro Design posted a link to some rad old photographs of the city.

As always click read more at the bottom to see a small selection, but be sure to click this link to view all of them online.



South Parade Pier

We’ve mentioned Diana Goss on Strong Island before. A touch of class behind the lens and a really nice lady.

Here’s another great example of Diana’s work in this Cross Processed, 120 shot of South Parade Pier.


Following Toby Taylor on Bored

If like me you can’t get enough of skateboarding, but just don’t know where to dig everything out from that there world wide webby, then local top gun Toby Taylors twitter feed for Bored of Southsea will fill all your needs in the world of local and international skateboarding. Jump on Tobys feed HERE. Check Tobys Tre Flip at the underpass courtesy of Tom Timewaster.

Vintage Portsmouth & Southsea poster

You know we love a bit of Vintage Portsmouth & Southsea here at Strong Island. Not too much info on this one, perfect for holidays though. The flickr link states the photo of the poster was taken in Eastney, but I’m not sure where.

Via : Bob Franklin

Vintage Southsea Skatepark articles

Articles about Southsea Skatepark can be hard to come by, and articles from 1988 even more so. I found these on the ‘when we was rad’ website a while back. I remember having the picture of Tommy Guerrero pulling that slob torn out and on my wall for years. Sick.

Local Photographer – David Jacobs

Based in Chichester but a constant visitor to Southsea, Portsmouth, Hayling and all of the Chichester harbour area, David Jacobs’ photos capture the warmth of the local light and and the inspiring natural views of the local landscape and coastline. To see more of David’s photos be sure to click ‘Read More’ below and check David’s Flickr.



Local Photographer – Eamon Lane

A recent arrival to Portsmouth, Eamon Lane has been out and about the city recently shooting photos on the street and at local events such as Love Your Bike. Below are a few examples of Eamon’s photography, visit I Love Slugs to see more.

Thomas Ellis Owen Shaper of Portsmouth, ‘Father of Southsea’ by Sue Pike

I’ve been holding on to this for a while now as I wanted to make a feature of it and had to wait for the exhibition to finish to give it pride of place on the front page. If like myself you’re always looking around at our local architecture you will have noticed many of the buildings within the book Thomas Ellis Owen Shaper of Portsmouth, ‘Father of Southsea’. Some could even be right on your doorstep but you have never noticed, or peeked over that high wall. Thomas Ellis Owen’s work is all over the city and you’d be forgiven for walking past as a lot of it is hidden or down those streets you may not stroll down too often. Other buildings however are right in your face. Ever noticed the huge block of flats at the entrance to Waitrose, the detailing on the building at Dover Court opposite the old Havana bar?

“Thomas Ellis Owen is probably the best known of Portsmouth’s nineteenth century architects, his construction of villas and substantial terraces in Southsea being responsible for the emergence of the district as a middle class locality. His work was recognised by Pevsner and Lloyd in their magisterial Buildings of England: Hampshire, and later by a rather more detailed architectural enquiry by two students, Preedy and Stewart. My own research was principally concerned with dating Owen’s properties and analysing their inhabitants. What Sue Pike has done is to cast the net very much wider, not only by providing great detail about Owen’s family, but also by demonstrating the impressive breadth of his activities outside architecture. Indeed, his interests were so wide that there must have been few aspects of Portsmouth’s development in the 1830s, 1840s and 1850s in which he was not involved. Infrastructural fields such as gas supply, the Portsea Canal, railways, the Camber Docks and hospitals lay within his purview, while he assisted in the purchase of land for one of Portsmouth’s defining features, the Palmerstonian forts. His tithe map has proved of inestimable value to local historians. Meanwhile Owen was an important local politician. All these facets of Owen’s life have been fully laid bare in this thoroughly well researched book by Sue Pike, who is to be congratulated on her labours.” Professor Ray Riley

Thomas Ellis Owen Shaper of Portsmouth, ‘Father of Southsea’ is a really interesting read and contains stunning colour photos of many Owen properties in Southsea and Alverstoke by Gosport photographer, Tim Martin. There is no real target audience and hopefully it will appeal to old and young alike. The detailed captions may be helpful to first year architecture students but it showcases Southsea well and may well appeal equally to academics, photographers, interested newcomers and people who just want a really nice book to put on their coffee table. I’m a huge fan of both history and architecture so this book is a real winner for me, and I have no doubt that if that’s not really your bag you will still appreciate what Thomas Ellis Owen Shaper of Portsmouth, ‘Father of Southsea’ has to offer.

You can purchase a hardback copy for £25 via the publishers and and read up on the book and the author Sue Pike over at

Vintage Photography – Sunny Southsea

Following on again from the photos of the Seafront and the Paddling Pool after The Bandstand and Tennis Courts the previous week, here’s another scan from Khalid.

The Pavilion on Clarence Pier looks amazing. No more donkey rides though. Shame.

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