About Strong Island Clothing Co.

Strong Island was established in 2008 in Southsea, Portsmouth, an island city on the south coast with ancient and strong links to both the British Navy and the sea. Strong Island acts primarily as an online resource on music, the arts and all things cultural within the city and in 2010 proudly produced it’s first t-shirt design as part of it’s 2nd birthday celebrations. The tee sold out quickly and so began a twice yearly process of producing the logo tee, each season in new colours.

At the start of 2012 Strong Island released it’s black/white colour combination tee with drawstring bag, stickers, etc which was produced in two runs, both selling out in just a matter of days. From this point we felt we could expand not only the range of tee designs but also offer unique accessories, which is how Strong Island Clothing Co. was born in the summer of 2012.

To contact us please email contact@strongislandclothingco.com.

At the heart of everything we produce are three core ideals:

All of our items of clothing have been tested for quality, so much so many of our 2010 tees are still going strong to this day. Expect no shrinkage, no print run, no ‘barrelling’* and just a lifetime of comfort.

Every item we produce has been thoughtfully and expertly crafted. Our tees, crews & bags have at least two different prints, all of which hand pulled by the expert East London screen-printers Lovenskate. All of our accessories have been carefully hand produced or printed. All of our tags hand sewn. Where possible we try to use local suppliers or craftspersons.

As each print on every item is individually screen-printed by hand, each is unique to your item. Every tag has been hand sewn and every accessory has been printed or made by hand. All of this makes your Strong Island Clothing Co. item a true one of a kind.

* You know when your tee hangs out away from your skin, like you’re wearing a wooden barrel held on by braces? Yeah, that. Not good.

Our tees, crews and bags are all hand screen printed in East London by the awesome people at Lovenskate, you can find out more by watching this film: